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Where to party for Spicemas 2018

Spicemas, Grenada’s larger Carnival is well known for it’s J’ouvert, Jab Jab, Monday Night Mas, the most energetic Soca Monarch competition and bizarre party venues. Whether you’re going to the Stadium, The Cow Pen, or the Beach (where my party BeachBum is this year), this is your guide for the best fetes for Grenada’s Carnival 2018.

Here’s your list of Fetes for the climax of Spicemas 2018:

Time Fete Venue Msy.Chrissy’s comments
Monday, 6 August 2017
All Day Emancipation Day Grenada Public holiday
Tuesday, 7 August 2017
9:00pm House Party Private location Best fete to start the week; Exclusive
Wednesday, 8 August 2017
10:00pm PreeDay Grenada National Stadium Must attend! Best Concert!
Thursday, 9 August 2017
8:00pm National Carnival Queen Show Spice Basket Usually entertaining
9:00pm Bienvenue Fort Matthew Historic, views, caves
9:00pm La Vida Paradise Beach Upscale outdoors
Friday, 10 August 2017
3:00pm Le Crave TBA Day fete
8:00pm Soca Monarch Grenada National Stadium 200% Energy
Saturday, 11 August 2017
11:00am Fleet: Sea On ah boat! Duh! Wicked cruise, 5 catamarans
11:30am Bikini Cruise On ah boat! Duh! Maddest cruise, 3 boats
3:00pm Fleet: Cooler Fete TBA After party for Fleet Sea
10:00pm Must-do White Concert TBA Essential concert experience
Sunday, 12 August 2017
3:00pm BeachBum A beach near you 🙂 Beach party + Food + Fun
Monday, 13 August 2017
4:00am J’ouvert St. George’s route Must-do event of Spicemas
1:00pm Pageant & Parade of the Bands St. George’s route Still recovering from J’ouvert
8:00pm Monday Night Mas St. George’s route Best light show parade/fete
Tuesday, 14 August 2017
6:00am J’ouvert La Tante, Gouyave & Sauteurs Second round of J’ouvert
1:00pm Parade of the Bands St. George’s route Mad!
til midnight Last Lap St. George’s route Yuh still want more?!

Comment below if you want to know which are the must-attend events for Spicemas?
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