Ultimate Rejects “Full Extreme” Soca Dance Workout by Chrislyn Lashington

Cardio and toning dance workout targeting the thighs, abs, and arms. Dance fitness choreography by Chrislyn Lashington, Zumba Fitness Instructor.

My Off-road Adventure

I did an off-roading tour with a Polaris RZR this weekend! Here is my review and 7 tips for you incase you dare to try this

Now that I have an 8 to 4, a 5 to 7, and sometimes an 8 to 10, I live for weekends! It is so important for me to do at least one socialising thing and one adventurous thing between Friday and Monday. This weekend I went off-roading with a Polaris RZR ‘Dune Buggy’ from Sun Hunters Grenada.

This vehicle can go pretty much everywhere you wished your vehicle could go. Think of it as a powered horseback ride; not sure if my mind went there because I did the same trail in Mt. Hartman on horseback years ago. This Polaris is a four-wheeler without windows, a windscreen or a roof. It has high, low and reverse gears, neutral and parking; 4-wheel drive; a horn; high and low beam lights; power steering; seat-belts; and adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel.

First stop on tour
First stop on tour

We were provided with a secure helmet, insurance waivers, a detailed orientation, water, and light snacks. We had a guide to the front and a technician to the back of our 14-person group.

Here are some tips incase you are thinking about doing this tour:

  1. Find a partner – It costed $300 for the entire vehicle, so splitting it in half with someone is a great idea, plus it is definitely fun to have company in your personal RZR to crack jokes, take videos, and create some friendly competition with the other RZR drivers.

    Partner in crime amped and ready to go
    Partner in crime amped and ready to go
  2. Protect yourself from the sun – The tour lasts a few hours in direct sunlight, so it is wise to wear protective clothing and sunscreen. Ladies this includes long pants :( unless you want a serious tan. Sunglasses are also an option, but not a must as the helmet comes with a transparent visor.
  3. Carry swimsuit – The Hog Island tour stops on one of the beaches that has water so crystal clear that you would regret that you didn’t walk with snorkel gear (perhaps add this to the tips too if you’re into mimicking a fish). The shallow water is usually warm and deserves even a knee-height dip.

    Beach at Hog Island
    Beach at Hog Island
  4. Capture the moment – The tour stopped at locations best known for *clears throat* scenic views of the south of the island, including sightings of Maurice Bishop International Airport, St. George’s University and Calivigny Island. Carrying a camera or a phone with a camera is definitely a good idea. Plus, who doesn’t want to capture their few hours of pretending to be the ultimate off-road champion?

  5. Waterproof everything – There are some puddles along the way, and you will be tempted to make a splash. Also, we are in the tropics so it could rain, which would make the experience even more interesting right? Waterproof all your electronics and anything else you do not want to become wet or covered with dust, mud or sand – this includes your body and clothes.
  6. Walk with change or snacks – After about 5 minutes of driving, we came to our first stop at a local fruit stand where we had the option to purchase coconut water and a wide array of fresh fruits. $5 to $10 is more than sufficient to go on a shopping spree here. The RZR has space for you to carry your own refreshments as well.
  7. Bathe on the beach after – We were covered in dust at all your exposed areas. Pretend it is J’ouvert morning all over again and get yourself squeaky clean :)

This tour was a nice little adrenaline rush, great for young couples and groups of friends – we even had a pregnant woman with us, but I’m sure she checked with her doctor first. I would rate the difficulty at 3 out of 5, but this is mostly based on your driving skills. I see myself doing this a few times per year :)

My J’ouvert Anthems for Spicemas 2016

Carnival equals J’ouvert for me! I am so ready to slather on paint and oil and revel to the chant-based melodies and drum-rooted rhythms. Read on for my top 5 J’ouvert songs for Spicemas 2016

Carnival equals J’ouvert for me! I am so ready to slather on paint and oil and revel to the chant-based melodies and drum-rooted rhythms. These are my top 5 J’ouvert songs for Spicemas 2016 in no particular order:

1. Jab Forever by Skinny Banton

Jab Forever by Skinny Banton is the perfect emancipation song! It educates and empowers.

From the shores of Africa packed on a ship, to a plantation under shackles and whip. From a king on a throne to a slave in a pit, how we overcame it.

We rise! To the rhythm and melody, sound of de drum and an untold story. 

This excellently written & produced Jab Jab song makes me feel obligated to continue the celebration that my fore-parents started on 1 August 1838. 

2. Donkey in de Cane by Sandman

Sandman‘s Donkey in de Cane is the most creative horn tune – an essential for Spicemas in case you didn’t know. I love his use of old-time sayings and Grenadian vernacular to tell the story. Plus he sings in the deep bass tone that takes me right back to his iconic No Prisoners in 2010!

3. Ray Tay Tay by Mya

What is J’ouvert without antics and stupidness? This is where Ray Tay Tay by Mya (pronounced my ay) from La Ka Béké comes in. This song reminds me of a childhood call and answer game that began with ‘Children children’ and we would respond ‘Yes Papa.’ All you need to memorise for this song is Ray tay tay and Never.

4. Cukus Bag by Lavaman

Then there is the Carnival staple artiste, Lavaman with Cukus Bag.

J’ouvert morning go be skills and tricks, Jab in Brazil, Olympics.

This song could possibly be used to promote safe sex, then again it better since the majority of the song sets the mood Jab Jab style!

5. I ain’t Dy’n by Ghage Maddis

The first time I heard I ain’t Dy’n by Ghage Maddis I snap-chatted (Msy.Chrissy) it right away so that I can remember to search for it when I got off the bus. This songs pulls me in yo!

Songs like Take it to dem by Lil Natty & Thunda, and Jab Training by Synnah are getting loads of airplay. What are your favourite songs for J’ouvert? Drop a comment. Check out my selection of Spicemas 2016 songs by clicking here

P.S. My favourite song for J’ouvert last is still Madd Jab by Muddy!

Shortpree vs Dash for Groovy Soca Finals 2016

It comes down to Shortpree vs Dash for Groovy Soca Finals, Spicemas 2016. I hope you have company for when the mood set!

When Shortpree released Set the Mood in time for Carriacou Carnival we all fell in love and were instantly ready for mas, or something else 😛 Set the Mood has almost single-handedly created the rhythmic atmosphere for Spicemas with its chant-like intro and irresistible hook. It was clear that Shortpree will be adorning his locks with the Groovy crown for the third consecutive time this year…

Then I attended Groovy Semi Finals on Thursday, 21 July 2016 at Carnival City. One quick word, Dash!

If there is a Soca artiste that is the underdog for Spicemas 2016, it’s Dash. The first time I heard No Company…ah lie…I’m not sure when I heard it for the first time, it just seemed like I always knew it. That’s when you know a song is epic! No Company belongs on the international Soca stage and Dash deserves an award for performing it the way he does.

He did everything right in the semi-final competition. With a song so captivating, he held the crowd in the palm of his hand before he even walked on-stage. I applaud him for giving us exactly what we wanted, resounding vocals, engagement, and his undivided attention. His demeanor told us that he had an important message for us – carnival me alone on the road and I don’t need no company, from ah reach is mas!.

It is safe to say that Groovy Finals will be a showdown, especially between the reigning king Shortpree and Dash. Also, look out for Mandela, Pappy Boi and Mr. Legz!

I hope you have company for when the mood set! See you on Fantastic Friday 😛

12 Signs You’ve Just Experienced Carnival

One does not simply return to regular programming after carnival; here are some signs that you have just experienced the greatest festival on Earth.


  1. You are sore, stiff and desperately in need of a massage and a good soak on Grand Anse beach. As a result you can’t walk the way God intended for a few days.
  2. You’ve showered a million times in an effort to remove oil, paint, and powder from your skin and those nooks and crannies (nails, ears, navel).
  3. Your tan lines are in the pattern of your costume. Your skin is also tender to the touch from the sunburn.
  4. You generally feel like shit because you’ve barely slept in the last few days.
  5. Your hair is messy and thirsting for a deep treatment. For the last few days it has been getting quick fixes, powder, paint, water, and heat from the sun.
  6. The only music in your head is Soca. Nothing else matters. You sing songs based on the words you hear in conversations. But when you hear another genre that you like, it oddly feels like an ear massage.
  7. You have new friends on your whatsapp list. Whether it’s from your last-minute costume hunt or that sweet whine you got in J’ouvert, you’ve connected with a few new people and you feel accomplished.
  8. You’re constantly checking social media and websites for pictures of you and your crew at parties and on the road. It’s a joy even to find yourself in the background of a picture. And of course, you’re ready to send a message to the page in case they’re unbecoming.
  9. You daydream ever so often about those special moments that you wish you could relive in a heartbeat. Your concerned coworker asks if you’re okay.
  10. Your body only recognises alcohol. What is this thing called water?
  11. You missed your flight back home and you really don’t care because you’re interested in the next last lap fete anyway.
  12. You feel a surge of carnival tabanca so you begin making plans for the next carnival. Why is it that the details are not up as yet, what is wrong with these people?

Straight Outta Trinidad Carnival!

I played pretty mas in Trinidad Carnival 2016 and went straight from the road to the airport to get back home to Grenada.

Black and White Photo Challenge

A collection of black and white photos that I’ve been nominated to post.

My friend, Sheba nominated me for a black and white 5 day photo challenge. I am no photographer, but I’ll try to dig into the archives and create something monochrome.


Day 1 – I’ve been on this beach so many times that I must have touched every grain of sand! Grand Anse beach is my place of solace and rejuvenation. This is my view from under a sea-grape tree :)

Chrislyn Lashington - Grand Anse beach in monochrome
Grand Anse beach in monochrome

Day 2Shelley has made my face up for television 4 days a week for 2 years. Here she is showing off her bright red lips on the first Episode of DanDan TV Show!

MUA, Shelley in monochrome
MUA, Shelley in monochrome