Shortpree vs Dash for Groovy Soca Finals 2016

It comes down to Shortpree vs Dash for Groovy Soca Finals, Spicemas 2016. I hope you have company for when the mood set!

When Shortpree released Set the Mood in time for Carriacou Carnival we all fell in love and were instantly ready for mas, or something else 😛 Set the Mood has almost single-handedly created the rhythmic atmosphere for Spicemas with its chant-like intro and irresistible hook. It was clear that Shortpree will be adorning his locks with the Groovy crown for the third consecutive time this year…

Then I attended Groovy Semi Finals on Thursday, 21 July 2016 at Carnival City. One quick word, Dash!

If there is a Soca artiste that is the underdog for Spicemas 2016, it’s Dash. The first time I heard No Company…ah lie…I’m not sure when I heard it for the first time, it just seemed like I always knew it. That’s when you know a song is epic! No Company belongs on the international Soca stage and Dash deserves an award for performing it the way he does.

He did everything right in the semi-final competition. With a song so captivating, he held the crowd in the palm of his hand before he even walked on-stage. I applaud him for giving us exactly what we wanted, resounding vocals, engagement, and his undivided attention. His demeanor told us that he had an important message for us – carnival me alone on the road and I don’t need no company, from ah reach is mas!.

It is safe to say that Groovy Finals will be a showdown, especially between the reigning king Shortpree and Dash. Also, look out for Mandela, Pappy Boi and Mr. Legz!

I hope you have company for when the mood set! See you on Fantastic Friday 😛

12 Signs You’ve Just Experienced Carnival

One does not simply return to regular programming after carnival; here are some signs that you have just experienced the greatest festival on Earth.


  1. You are sore, stiff and desperately in need of a massage and a good soak on Grand Anse beach. As a result you can’t walk the way God intended for a few days.
  2. You’ve showered a million times in an effort to remove oil, paint, and powder from your skin and those nooks and crannies (nails, ears, navel).
  3. Your tan lines are in the pattern of your costume. Your skin is also tender to the touch from the sunburn.
  4. You generally feel like shit because you’ve barely slept in the last few days.
  5. Your hair is messy and thirsting for a deep treatment. For the last few days it has been getting quick fixes, powder, paint, water, and heat from the sun.
  6. The only music in your head is Soca. Nothing else matters. You sing songs based on the words you hear in conversations. But when you hear another genre that you like, it oddly feels like an ear massage.
  7. You have new friends on your whatsapp list. Whether it’s from your last-minute costume hunt or that sweet whine you got in J’ouvert, you’ve connected with a few new people and you feel accomplished.
  8. You’re constantly checking social media and websites for pictures of you and your crew at parties and on the road. It’s a joy even to find yourself in the background of a picture. And of course, you’re ready to send a message to the page in case they’re unbecoming.
  9. You daydream ever so often about those special moments that you wish you could relive in a heartbeat. Your concerned coworker asks if you’re okay.
  10. Your body only recognises alcohol. What is this thing called water?
  11. You missed your flight back home and you really don’t care because you’re interested in the next last lap fete anyway.
  12. You feel a surge of carnival tabanca so you begin making plans for the next carnival. Why is it that the details are not up as yet, what is wrong with these people?

Straight Outta Trinidad Carnival!

I played pretty mas in Trinidad Carnival 2016 and went straight from the road to the airport to get back home to Grenada.

Black and White Photo Challenge

A collection of black and white photos that I’ve been nominated to post.

My friend, Sheba nominated me for a black and white 5 day photo challenge. I am no photographer, but I’ll try to dig into the archives and create something monochrome.


Day 1 – I’ve been on this beach so many times that I must have touched every grain of sand! Grand Anse beach is my place of solace and rejuvenation. This is my view from under a sea-grape tree :)

Chrislyn Lashington - Grand Anse beach in monochrome
Grand Anse beach in monochrome

Day 2Shelley has made my face up for television 4 days a week for 2 years. Here she is showing off her bright red lips on the first Episode of DanDan TV Show!

MUA, Shelley in monochrome
MUA, Shelley in monochrome


Which products to use?

I am always asked “What products to use in natural Afro Hair?” Here is my response :)

I get this question left, right, and centre. What products do you use in your hair to get it looking like that?

The products I use in my hair are based on 2 things

  1. My hair
    • Texture
    • Current condition and needs
  2. The desired outcome

For instance, if I find my Afro Hair to be a bit dry after a long day in the sun sporting a twist-out, I may decide to rehydrate by adding a moisturising product (grease, oil, lotion, butter) and going through the Quick Fix to Moisture.

In another instance I may want to do a firm twist-out that will last for a few days without much change, so I may opt to use a holding product such as gel or wax.

Find your own products!

As selfish as this sounds, it’s true and will be worth it. We should all explore our own hair as they are all different.

Afro Hair Which products to use?

Your kinks and coils are different to mine, as too is my diet, environment, physical activity, and all the other things affecting what the hair looks like.

My mother’s hair looks very similar to mine, however her hair is thinner and more elastic. We recently discovered that products that really hydrate my hair don’t do it for her and vice versa. So we’ve been switching products that we bought thinking that they would have worked for us lol.

Internet Guru

Years ago I tried a honey and olive oil hair treatment that a blog swore would nourish my mane. It turned out that my hair was left coarse, dry, and less manageable at the end of the hopeful procedure. It’s great following hair blogs for tips, however it is even better to experiment at home with products to see what is best for you. Also, when deciding to follow an Afro Hair Blogger, the closer their hair-type to yours the better the chances that their recommendations work for you as well.

The Universal product?

Go forth and explore the world of products till your hair smiles. I am yet to hear an Afro Hair person dispute the goodness of Shea Butter though…Comment below and let me know :)

3 Good things about Grenadian Men

In light of International Men’s Day I chose to focus on some of the positive qualities of our Grenadian men.

Men are often cried down on in our society today for their  shortcomings. We should be able to recognise and talk about the positive qualities that they possess and support each other in being the best individuals possible.

Here are 3 good things about Grenadian Men.

They compliment women

There is no girl or woman in Grenada that can say that a boy or man has never complimented her publicly. From the most common (and rude if you ask me) Psstt to the Nice girl, Slim, Beautiful, Famalayyy, Sweetness, & Tanty. Other than names, phrases are let loose:  I like the natural hair, Keep looking good eh, I like to see yuh, Make sure the boyfriend taking good care of you eh, yuh nice.

Truth: A Grenadian man would compliment a woman quicker than another woman would.

They have Rhythm

Keith Williams of Grenada School of DanceMusic is such a strong part of our culture and it is quite rare to find a son of the soil feeling the beat a little different from the majority of us. Thanks to birthday parties, Intercol, Carnival, and almost every social event a good dose of rhythm was planted in our souls. 

They are Physically Strong

Kirani James showing physical strengthIf it’s one thing that differentiates men from women physically, other than private parts, is the muscular strength that they possess. The skinniest man could surprise you with how strong he is. After all, our men have been handling rolly pollys.

Happy International Men’s Day!

What ‘would’ we do without them…

Disclaimer: Obviously these doesn’t apply to all Grenadian men, but most of whom I’ve encountered align.


Miley Cyrus Fashion in Mike Will Made It’s Music Video “23”

Athletic fashion from Mike WIll Made It’s music video for “23” featuring Miley Cyrus, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa paying tribute to Michael Jordan.

Music Producer Mike Will Made It dropped a new video for his track “23” which features Miley Cyrus, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa paying tribute to Michael Jordan through rap, song, and fashion.

The music video is decorated with elements of the sport of basketball in a school setting. The talents wear netted hoodies, cheerleader outfits, bomber jackets, athletic sneakers with as much red, black and white as possible.

#msymusicmondays Miley-Cyrus-in-Bulls-hot-pants-and-crop-top-23-

Miley Cyrus won the fashion contest in this video with several custom made pieces representing Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls basketball team and athleticism. She opens the video with this cropped Bulls top and high-waisted hot pants.

#MsyMusicMondays Miley-Cyrus-in-bodysuit-23-

Are those glittered Birkenstocks? Sure enough to keep one comfortable in the smokey locker room while wearing a hot bodysuit with sunglasses on.

#MsyMusicMondays Miley-Cyrus-mascara-and-red-lips-23-

This look is simple and effective. Miley has heavy mascara on her lashes and a brilliant red on her lips, accentuating all the important areas for connection.

#MsyMusicMondays Miley-Cyrus-white-nails-23-

The all white nail tips appear throughout the video and actually match all the outfits. (Please don’t use white-out correction fluid to achieve this lol)

#MsyMusicMondays Miley-Cyrus-silver-bikini-23-

Now every girl wants a glittered basketball that matches her bikini top as seen in this silver/gray and white ensemble.

#MsyMusicMondays Miley-Cyrus-Wiz-Khalifa-Mike-Will-Made-it-Juicy-J-fashion-jordan-sneakers-23-

J’s on my feet” repeats in the song and so does Jordan sneakers in the music video. Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers has been out since 1985 and is still a very coveted athletic brand.

#MsyMusicMondays Miley-Cyrus-bulls-dress-23-

These low harem cropped polka dot pants are interestingly paired with horizontally striped socks.

#MsyMusicMondays Miley-Cyrus-Wiz-Khalifa-Mike-Will-Made-it-Juicy-J-fashion-23-

The school spirit comes out in the restroom, laboratory, basketball court, and locker room. “23” made some good DanDan.

Dependency and Anger are positively correlated

Dependency and Anger are positively correlated. Anger can be dealt with by removing the environmental factors, which is usually unavoidable, and accepting the situation and transferring the tempered energy.

I have come to the conclusion that the more dependent I am on someone or something, the more likely I am to get angry. The frequency of feeling tempered or recognising the potential to become tempered has significantly decreased in my life, not only due to the fact of knowing how to deal with that energy.

The stimulants of angry thoughts can come from places of dependence and expectation: relationships, jobs, educational institutions, living situation, access to transportation, means of expenditure, social groups. Sadly, some of these environmental factors cannot be avoided.

Dealing with anger takes practice as every situation is different.

Anger and Dependency Positive Correlation Smiley face

When I get an angry thought or feeling, I recognise it. I become conscious of myself, my actions, and my surroundings. I then recognise what about the situation I cannot change and what I can change. I act upon what can be changed if any, and accept the things I cannot change. (O cool, that sounds like the Serenity Prayer, so it may be a good idea to say it).

Then I tackle the tempered energy by releasing it somehow. This may be a nice soup of words being recited very loudly in a private place, listening to music, visiting the beach, or even sleeping it off.

Being angry is kind of pointless, as it can steer away from getting things done. On the contrary anger can motivate, empower, and lead one into becoming more independent. The more independent one becomes the less likely to be angry, unless that anger is within/ toward self.

It is also important to not cause anger in others.



-Msy. Chrissy